Susan Reeds

Susan is a Redken Certified Color, Design and Finishing Specialist and began her career as a hairstylist in 2001.  Susan has dedicated years to perfecting her craft in the industry and made it her mission to continuously work hard and master her career as a stylist.  Not only is Susan strong in her technical skill, but is passionate with the business and understands the importance of structure, goals, and tracking your business.  Susan was introduced to the Summit later in her career, fell in love with the system, and seen her business grow substantially first hand.   After reaching level 4 status in a summit salon, she felt it was time to give back and began a position as Education Coordinator in a summit school.   Susan taught hundreds of students how to grow their business and take their careers to the next level.  She discovered that teaching, coaching, and mentoring was her passion and decided to partner with the Summit Salon Business Center to begin her journey as a Salon Business Consultant.  This next step in her career allows her to pursue her passion of helping others grow their business in the salon industry.  

“I am constantly searching for ways to grow technically, mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially to create balance.  I am truly fulfilled giving back, sharing my wisdom, and helping others do the same.”  


  • Susan has 3 children and a granddaughter, and understands the importance of having fun while balancing family with career.
  • She loves to travel and experience places she has never been.
  • She loves hiking, skydiving, skiing, snowmobiles, 4 wheelers, boating, and she is currently working towards achieving a black belt in tae qwon do.