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Sam Vernon

I went into cosmetology school thinking it would be a fast & easy way to make money. I learned quickly when I got into a salon it was neither. After working behind the chair for a year, I saw an opening for a local distributor and thought I could be more successful in that position. Once I started, I found my true passion was interacting and teaching other stylists about products and how to grow their business. After leaving the industry for a few years, I, like many, crawled my way back. I was able to get my old position back, and with that, a new love and purpose for what I could do. Since then, I have not only grown my territory, but became a Beauty Guru within State/RDA, as well as manage all education within my area. I have found my true calling lies in growing a stylist not only as a person but as a business woman/man, and hope to continue to reach many more stylists within Summit.


  • I was in a play in high school that competed and one an award for best ensemble in a national competition
  • I used to pretend to be sick to stay home from school so I could go to work with my mom at the salon and spa where she worked
  • My inspiration is the fighting strength of my son who was born a 30 week preemie, and defies all odds by showing no health issues and a very stubborn personality