Kim Light

Kim serves SSBC as a Summit Salon Consultant. She is an experienced managing professional with a diverse background in customer service that started in hospitality as a Developing Coordinator and Corporate Trainer. In 2007, she started working as a support team member at a Salon while attending college focusing on a double major in Geology and Biology to become a Vertebrate Paleontologist. It wasn’t long before it became clear that the beauty industry was one she wanted to be a part of long term and she hasn’t looked back since.

Currently Kim leads 30+ service providers and support team members at a Summit Salon in Austin, Texas. The astounding success after implementing the Summit Salon Systems, inspired her to join SSBC as a consultant in 2016 to share her passion for growing people and helping salon companies and service providers achieve their dreams.


  • Kim is a bird watcher with a life list and a goal to do a big year one day.
  • She won a gold metal at Worlds in Ice Skating when she was 12.
  • A Trekkie at heart, Kim loves reading Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels.