jbuckler150x154JACKIE BUCKLER

Jackie serves SSBC as a Summit Salon Consultant. She is the owner of Hair Company, a 40 chair salon which staffs 42 people. Jackie and her friend grew this salon from only two chairs to two locations and have been featured TEN TIMES in the Salon Today Top 200.

Jackie’s tremendous success is a testament to her and her team’s dedication as well as to the Summit Salon Systems brought in by SSBC co-founder Randy Kunkle over ten years ago. Jackie and her salon team have embraced all of the Summit Salon Systems including bringing in stockholders. She looks back on The Summit as the “most empowering four days of my life!” Jackie recalls, “I remember sitting in salon business classes thinking: ‘This works for them, they’re in a big city. I’m in a small horse and buggy town, population 10,000, that won’t work for me.’ So WRONG! Now when I hear this from other salon owners, I’m living proof that they CAN do it!”

Just as it’s been important to Jackie to ‘pass it on’ to her salon team, it is equally as important to ‘pass it on’ to fellow salon business owners. “I’ve been blessed to have some AMAZING mentors during my time in this industry. As a Summit Salon Consultant I’m looking forward to doing the same for others!”



  • I have three amazing and beautiful children
  • I grew up on a farm and still live on one.
  • I love to visit Cambodia and work with them to help improve their lives.