Elizabeth Eisenstein

Elizabeth spent five years working in advertising as a project manager before following a dream of working in the beauty industry. In her past career, she produced websites, apps, and social media projects for local and international companies. She loved leading teams and coordinating large projects in an ever-changing industry.

She began promoting her work on Instagram and Facebook while she was in cosmetology school as a way to jump start her business and saw some immediate results. She met Luke Huffstutter while still in school and began working with his team of stylists to begin promoting their work on social media. After training as an Associate, Elizabeth continued to work with the salon to grow the stylists’ business through Instagram, as well as grow her own following online.

Elizabeth has seen the positive result of building her business through social media and is passionate about sharing her skills and insights with other stylists and salon owners!


  • Elizabeth has a passion for food, drink, and karaoke. A night out with her will often result in really amazing food and then a few songs at the nearest karaoke bar.
  • She loves knitting and used to teach classes. She usually has a sock in progress with her, but sometimes it’s a scarf or sweater!
  • She loves to make people laugh!