Social Media Intensive

What if you could empower your team to take better pictures, approach their social media with strategy and purpose and bring in NEW CLIENTS?

Now you can! Our Social Media Intensive was developed BY service providers FOR service providers to share best practices and support them in becoming market leaders in your city.

Meet our Facilitators:

Social Media Instensive LIVE – Click to view upcoming dates!

  • One day: In-Salon Class
    • (email to inquire about In-Salon availability)
  • One day: Ticketed Event

Social Media Intensive VIRTUAL – Click to view upcoming dates!

  • Class content delivered over 4 sessions
  • Access to trainer in private Facebook classroom


“My biggest takeaway is that the salon companies social media is not enough, we have to all be involved as a team in order for it to really work!”

“My biggest AHA is that finding/making time for photoshoots with guests IS important and really pays off!”

“I loved learning more about HOW to post on Instagram!”

“How emotional intelligence plays into social media! We have to get over the bridge and have the confidence to take photos and post them… it’s the only way to build a following and more importantly – a clientele!”