Magic of Momentum

Learn how to harness the principles of Momentum in your business to create positive change and maximize profits.

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*IMPORTANT NOTE ON DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PRODUCTS: This digital download requires a laptop or desktop system to unstuff the file. Once the file is unstuffed you can create a playlist in iTunes to store the program. Instructions for that are below:
STEP 1: Unstuff the archive that arrives in your download folder.
STEP 2: Open iTunes and create a new playlist (File > New > Playlist)
STEP 3: Name the playlist by the title of the program.
STEP 4: With the playlist selected drag and drop your downloaded audio files into the new playlist.
STEP 5: IMPORTANT: To ensure the tracks play in order click EDIT PLAYLIST and select sort by ARTIST.
STEP 6: Enjoy getting motivated to reach your next milestone!