Summit Salon Financial Services

  • Lease Negotiation
  • Salon Valuation
  • Monthly Financial Statements

SSBC Financial Services provides reports that are custom-tailored for your business needs. There is a one-time fee of $500 to activate your Summit Salon Financial Services account and build your financial service report templates. Talk to your Summit Salon Consultant to learn more about how to take the first step towards designing a financial plan that works within your business’s budget and needs. READ MORE


Our turnkey financial service provides you with Monthly Financial Statements and Management Reports that include:

  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Management Report with documented analysis of revenue, direct costs, gross profit, fixed costs, net income, and balance sheet current ratio.
  • Fees for monthly processing of your salons key financial indicators start at $400 per month. Contact a Summit Salon Financial Services representative for further details. 1-800-718-5949


Help from a Summit Salon Financial Services representative is only a phone call away! Billed in one-hour increments. $100 per call/per hour.


Due to the unique nature of each business service described below they are quoted on an individual basis. Please contact a Summit Salon Financial Services representative for additional information.

  • Lease Negotiations: There is no substitute for experience. Our consultants have knowledge gained from hundreds of lease negotiations. Get the most out of your lease and your space! Click for details.
  • Salon Valuation/Exit Strategies: Find out how much is your salon worth and discover the strategies needed to build an exit plan that will allow your salon to retain and grow key employees while creating financial freedom for you and your family. $2,000 per salon.
  • Consolidated Financial Statements for Multi-Location Salons: Our staff will work with you to prepare one easy-to-read statement. No more late nights reviewing multiple reports!

 Call 1-800-718-5949 to get started!